Categorie: acting

24h Theater

4 writers – 4 directors – 8 actors and 24 Hours – A theatre event in which the name is the program.

Photo project ‘Fears’

For photographer Tomás Correa I posed for his photo project about personal fears and boundaries.

Achter gesloten deuren

Scripted reality series “Achter gesloten deuren” from the TV channel NET5 in the Netherlands.

BCC Commercial

Commercial BCC on Dutch TV and radio

PTA meeting

TG Playback – PTA meeting “communicating with adolescents”

Subuk @ Oerol Festival

At the Oerol festival 2011 I performed as the bartender in an interactive installation made by SUBUK

Cup-a-Soup Commercial

Commercial Cup-a-Soup on Dutch TV

Tg PlayBack – Hotspot

An interactive performance about friendship, drugs and alcohol abuse

LOI Commercial

Commercial LOI on Dutch TV

Tg PlayBack – Cash

“Cash” is an educational performance about materialism.