Categorie: workshops

An online presentation training in which I use theatrical training methods to help you become a more convincing speaker

Vor, auf & hinter der Bühne, nichts als Theater

Ein Theaterprojekt für Jugendliche ab 14 Jahre von Theater Strahl mit Türöffner e.V. und Internationaler Bund

Berlin Mondiale

from 2016 till 2018 I have curated, coordinated and directed two seasons of Mondiale XL program for Theater Strahl.

Scenes from Scenes from a marriage

After ten weeks of acting classes we present to you the scenes we’ve created inspired by the play “scenes from a marriage” from Ingmar Bergman.

Herbstcamp 2015, Junges Deutsches Theater

In 10 Days I’ve worked with 13 Young people in the age of 10 to 17 towards an interactive presentation about secrets.

present yourself

Course for presentation skills training through theatrical exercises @ Betahaus Berlin on Saturday 21st of November 2015

Workshop: perception / perspective

Together with photographer Tomas Correa I have developed this workshop about how your point of view influences your perception. It’s about how we all look individually to our environment depending on our background and situation in time.

Queeste Berlin

Through fantasy we invite the audience to look with other eyes at each other and the residents of Kreuzberg, Berlin.