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Amnesie Atlantis

Musiktheater des Jungen Ensembles der Neuköllner Oper von Yuval Halpern (Musik), Felix Krakau (Text), Bjørn de Wildt (Regie)23. 24. & 25. Mai 2019 und Wiederaufnahme 18./19. sowie 25./26. Oktober 2019 in der s27 Ein Stück über den Krieg machen und eigentlich nur Abba singen wollen. In den Trümmern graben und auf Atlantis stoßen. Mitten in …

Presentation skills training

High energy workshops providing you with the expertise on how to improve your
presentation skills.


For the neuköllner Oper Junges Ensemble I’ve directed the play ORPHEUS OPTIMAL. We’ve created a colourful music theatre play about how to deal with set backs in life.

Berlin Mondiale

from 2016 till 2018 I have curated, coordinated and directed two seasons of Mondiale XL program for Theater Strahl.


together with the Theater Strahl TanzTheaterJugendClub we investigated different rituals and their meanings for the lives of young people.

das wird man doch mal sagen dürfen

for THEATER STRAHL BERLIN and ‘gegen Vergessen, für Demokratie e.V.’ I worked as a theatre educator and director with 22 youngsters on a performance around the topic discrimination


Together with Nathalie Rosenbaum and the Strahl.TanzTheaterJugendClub I have created the play’ …Doch Mal!’ A piece about the challenges, wishes and fears of becoming a grown up.

Komm näher

For Junges Deutsches Theater I directed the play ‘Komm näher based on the play Woe from Edit Kaldor and Karmenlara Ely. The play is being performed in classrooms all over Berlin.

Scenes from Scenes from a marriage

After ten weeks of acting classes we present to you the scenes we’ve created inspired by the play “scenes from a marriage” from Ingmar Bergman.

Herbstcamp 2015, Junges Deutsches Theater

In 10 Days I’ve worked with 13 Young people in the age of 10 to 17 towards an interactive presentation about secrets.