Some reactions from people I’ve worked with:

“Mit seinen fundierten Fachkenntnissen im Bereich der Theaterpädagogik und seiner freundlich-zugewandten Art ist es Björn de Wildt leicht gefallen, eine unterstützende und vertrauensvolle Beziehung zu den Jugendlichen und Heranwachsenden aufzubauen. Dabei war er in der Lage Grenzen zu setzen, wo dies geboten schien und es gelang ihm stets, die Teilnehmenden zu motivieren, sich auf die theaterpädagogischen Angebote einzulassen. Herr Wildt war für uns stets ein zuverlässiger Ansprechpartner und hoffen zukünftig noch weitere gemeinsame Workshops veranstalten zu können.”
Andreas Kühnel – Projektleitung, Dipl. Soz.arb./ Soz.päd. PlanTage

“Die Schüler wurden auf sehr ansprechende Art in die Entwicklung eines Theaterstückes miteinbezogen.
Bjørn de Wildts Arbeit mit den Schülern war offen, energetisch, kompetent und humorvoll. Wir Sozialpädagogen der Schule schätzen an der Zusammenarbeit mit ihm besonders sein Engagement und seine Zuverlässigkeit.” 
Doris Anastasow – Sozialpädagogischer Bereich Ellen-Key- Schule

“Bjørn has worked at our theatre group a an actor and as a teacher. He has performed in a lot of different performances for young people with different backgrounds and educational levels. He communicates with young people in a way that they feel themselves respected and free to give their own opinion. Bjørn knows how to make larger groups of people to work with focus and attention and to stimulate young people to develop themselves. He is dynamic and inspiring. Bjørn is a critical thinker en a fast learner. I can really recommend him a teacher and as an actor.” 
Kim Zonneveld – Artistic leader at Theatergroep PlayBack NL

“Within our team of teachers at Cultural and Social Work Bjørn de Wildt is a respected and trustful college. He is a  very energetic and enthusiastic drama teacher and knows how to transfer his enthusiasm for theatre on to his students. Bjørn is a teacher that stands besides his students instead of in front of them. He knows how to support  and challenge the students to get the most out of themselves. Because of Bjørn his diverse experience in the field of Social Work he is very capable of guiding our students through difficult situations and decisions in his work as student counselor.  The last three years our students followed Bjørn his workshop about perspective and perception in Berlin. This Workshop is a great example for our students in transferring the history of a city to there own meaningful  experience. His workshop shows how you can create a learning situation through experiences. I like the original  and innovative concepts behind the workshops, which suits very well to young people.”
Drs. Aart van der Maas – Researcher and lecturer at Hogeschool Utrecht

“Bjørn is a very kind teacher takes his students to their limits. He challenges you to search for new and unknown ways to develop yourself. He creates the right working atmosphere and knows how to give the right feedback and exercises that fit the contenders of the workshop. He looks for these challenges also in the theatre productions he creates. He really knows how to put the students and the audience to the test, and make them grow above themselves.”
Miranda de Smit – Student Hogeschool Utrecht and Gooisch Theaterhuis

“I really enjoyed working with Bjørn. He has a great sense of creating a good atmosphere within the group and his ideas and exercises are both fun and inspiring. Everytime I discovered something new about myself, and Bjørn knows how to bring out the best in you.”
Friederike Möller – Student acting classes Berlin

Some reactions from people who attended the presentation course:

“Bjørn’s feedback made me realize how much better i can present myself, using certain techniques! Best way to learn how to give good presentations”
Nico – WOOGA

” ***** Thanks Bjørn. I liked it. I found it engaging, getting you out of your comfort zone and feedback to grow on”
Alexander Steinhart – OFFTIME

“Bjørn is an awesome charismatic teacher. I learned how to improve myself. He brought me on the right way. Best constructive feedback I ever got. Can recommend it 100%!”

“Finaly a presentation workshop focussed on improving you and not your slides!”
Vlad Petre – Micropreneur

“I really got a lot out of the course because it helped me to really see and understand my communication challenges, and then work actively to improve!
Karyn Riegel – AKQA

“The perfect format and teacher to get energy, confidence and feel like presenting is fun and easy.”
Damien Y. – WOOGA

“The way Bjørn approaches public speaker training is very different from what I’ve seen before, in a good way. It’s playful, it’s very well structured and reaches the goal of making you a better speaker. I would totally recommend it!”
Alexander Shestakov – WOOGA

“Bjørn is a natural. The classes were very personalized and REALLY changed the way I present”
Chris – AKQA

“Whatever you invest, you will get it back twofold”
Sascha Forst – WOOGA

“I really liked about the presentation course that it had a “Laboratory” atmosphere were everyone could experiment with different things without worrying to fail”
Diana Seeger – Designer

“If you like to present take this workshop. If you don’t like to present die”
David – WOOGA

“I really liked that Bjørn always focussed on everyone individually. As not every technique works for everyone. His way of giving feedback really helped me improve and felt very natural. aaaand he didn’t make us sing! Thank you!”
Maike – WOOGA

“Takes us out of ourselves, we operate less as co-workers and more as students, united in our need to learn and better ourselves. Is a credit to the planning of the course that we feel safe and able to fail as we learn!”
Scott – AKQA