Categorie: creations

Mr. Zarko – Fixing Gypsy Radios

Together with designer Gwendolyn Noltes I’ve created the concept and directed this music video for the band Mr. Zarko

Videoclips Klicksafe

5 short videoclips about the influences of mobile internet devices on our every day life for Safer Internet Day 2014

Gefällt mir

Interactive theatreplay “Gefällt mir” about online identity, comunnication and cyber-mobbing.

24h Theater

4 writers – 4 directors – 8 actors and 24 Hours – A theatre event in which the name is the program.


Chosen is a ‘game’ in which the audience decides who can be part of the chosen ones and who can’t.

Trilogy “the search for involvement”

Searching for ways to give the audience a more active and involved roll in theatre performances. Starting point of our search were different game structures. This study resulted in three performances.

Hugo & Anna

Interactive story for the Buro of Tourism of Gran Canaria

Queeste Berlin

Through fantasy we invite the audience to look with other eyes at each other and the residents of Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Het Gooisch Theaterhuis

In 2009-2010 I’ve created 3 plays at the Gooisch Theaterhuis. Everybody Happy!? and Girls just wanna have fun!

Voor Yvonne

Huub was part of the Dutch resistance during WWII. His story was the foundation of the play “Voor Yvonne”, in which the audience experienced the suffering of Huub in an abstract way.