present yourself

present yourself

What: course for presentation skills training through theatrical exercises

When: 21 November 2015 // 11am – 6pm

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How much: € 90,-

Where: Betahaus Berlin, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, 10969 Berlin
A (future) professional must be able to convincingly present himself. Weather a presentation succeeds depends not only on the content of your argument but also on the way you communicate the message. In this course we will look at your choice of words, your posture and movement, your appearance and the use of your voice.

When it comes to working with empathy, charisma and expression, theatrical methods can be an important tool to train these.

In teaching you these methods, we will focus on:

• Attitude / Posture
• Use of voice
• Mimic
• Supporting expressive gestures
• Making (eye) contact
• Listening to your audience
• Construction of a good story
• Making your story vivid
• Using language the audience understands
• Appearance
• Dealing with stressful situations

The theatrical exercises are taught in groups, with a focus on the individual.

It is in this course is not about the right way, but about your way of presentation. We start with your skills and teach you to optimally deploying them. To achieve this we work with exercises that are derived from theater. By exercising yourself and watching other participants, you get a clear picture of how you come across and what way of presenting suits you.

First part of the Session you will focus on the ability to play with the audience attention and Storytelling skills.

Second part of the Session you will look into how to Create a Pitch and each contender will get feedback on an individual presentation.

bring your enthusiasm!

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