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Scenes from Scenes from a marriage

Together with 7 actors with a diverse experience in theatre, I’ve created this play based on ‘scenes from a marriage’ from Ingmar Bergmann. we’ve worked together for 10 evenings and an intense weekend. The final performance was shown on 24.03.2016 at the STRAHL Probebühne in Berlin.

Do you think there is any way that two people can live together all their lives

It’s a damned absurd convention that we’ve inherited from I don’t know what. People should have five year contracts. Or one that is valid from year to year, so that they could give notice

Should we have one?

No, not us

Why not?

We’ve drawn the winning ticket.

Scenes from scenes from a marriage from Bjørn de Wildt on Vimeo.

After ten weeks of acting classes we present to you the scenes we’ve created inspired by the play “scenes from a marriage” from Ingmar Bergman. Join us in an evening full of love, affection and destruction.

with: Dietger van Antwerpen, Marieke Gester, Phillip Breil, Valeria Calderoni, Martin Vollenbroek, Daniel Wighton, Guy Fitzpatrick

Coaching und Regie: Bjørn de Wildt
Dramaturgie: Daniel Wighton